What a busy weekend...

This busy weekend felt great at the very end. I can't say the same for all the busy weekends that I have. I spent a lot time with family and friends working and playing. It really does not get better than that.

It started on Saturday morning with a clean up project. Last spring, after a pipe burst in the basement, contents of one of the rooms was moved the court in the back yard. It was placed up on boards and covered. In August the house was painted and again more items were moved from around the house to the court. Isaiah, my 6 year old nephew, was quickly loosing his basketball area. It came time to move things back to their rightful places...rightful according to who was another story. There was water damage to some things so a trip to the dump was made (and I think some things made it into that trip without other knowing about it!). My dad tended to keep a lot of stuff that many of us did not see us in keeping although we did speculate and had many reasons for why dad wanted to keep certain things. In the end the court was cleared... the dog kennel was filled with some stuff (poor McKenna, his kennel gets smaller every year)...and Isaiah has not more excuses to use the microwave in the kitchen for his basketball hoop.

Cassandra and Asa (sister-in-law & nephew) take music classes and they invited everyone to a fesitval that was being presented by the Imagination Place. The kids and some adults dressed in their Halloween Costumes...there were a wide variety of activities...pumpkin bowling, obstacle course, coloring, instrument making and instrument zoo. I had a great time with Tristan and Isaiah working around the Isaiah collect our stickers on our map.

Saturday night we to Jenny Nichols' home for homemade Doughnuts. This is Halloween Tradition! Jenny held the event a week early due to obligation on Halloween and then there is a Uof U football game on Nov. 1st.

Sorry no picture :(


Body Worlds 3 & The Story of the Heart

Tristan and I went to see the fascinating exhibit Body World 3 & the Story of the Heart, It is touring the nation and is currently in SLC. The best way for you to see a preview of what we saw click on this link (www.theleonardo.com). You see everything from the head to the toes and everything in between. You can see what it looks like when it is working properly and when it is not working so well. The exhibit will be here until the end of Decemeber.