3 months with Timber

We love Timber. He has a personality that is all his own. He makes us laugh all the time. Here are list of things that does:

  • Play hide and go seek...he is always trying to find us.
  • Chew on sticks.
  • Go to the dog park to play with his friends.
  • Jump over the fence (4ft) in the back yard to play with the neighbors.
  • Try to climb in our bed in the middle of the night.
  • Scratches his collar in the middle of the night so we will let him in the bed. :(
  • Play catch with the ball, frisbee and sticks.
  • Sit outside until we take him on a walk.
  • Take a ride in the car.
  • Try to curl up on my lap when I am sitting on the sofa.
  • Chase the cats out of our backyard.
  • Play in the river at the park.
Luckily he has not hit the digging phase yet but we are told it will come soon enough. We are excited to take him camping and hiking this summer.