Stuff that did not get posted from 2010

This is presented to you in no particular order...

Annual - September Hike - Started in the sun and ended with hail.

We had a lot of kid's at the Easter egg hunt this year. It was a little chilly!

A fall drive

Our newly adopted dog - Riley. Timber and Riley get along GREAT 98% of the time.

4th of July pre-fireworks fun

Camping & Hiking in the San Rafael Swell

The Swenson family trip to Washington D.C & Williamsburg.

In Oct we went to CA and spent time with Kim and Andreas. We also went to the Lady A concert!

Tristan took a couple trips to California for work.

We went to niece's baptism in Pinedale, WY. It is such beautiful country!

I took photos of David's family before they left to live in Hawaii.

I got into the Physical Therapy Assistant Program at Salt Lake Community College. I missed the cut off for fall 2011 so I will start in fall 2012.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year!