A Friend

Today, my thoughts have turned inward to consider just what a friend truly means to me. Coming from a broken home, I was able to choose the family I was born into but I have been able to choose the family that I surround myself with. The gifts and the memories that I have been given of friendship has never made me realize just how blessed that I am. My friends are the family that I have never had. A couple of quotes that I have read recently has made me think about that in more depth and detail. Quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson, "A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him, I may think aloud."/"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature".

Before meeting and marrying Kristy, I had doubts that I would ever find that depth of a relationship where it would be something that I would cling to. Kristy is my wife, my heart, and my best friend. There is not a day that goes by that I do not bow my head in thanks at least once a day in apperciation of what she has brought to my life.

My life has been made far easier with the presence of friends that have often made the biggest difference for me. Though I have struggled at times with my choices, my health, and even at times my own peace of mind, they have made the moments memorable. I have been truly blessed to have great people to share my life with through the good and the bad times. I thank you, each of you that have been a motivation, an inspiritation, and often times, my partners in pranks.

I do not have the time and ability to properly thank each of them according to the amount of good they have brought to my life. Though it may not be said out loud, thank you, all of you.



Winter Prep for the Garden

We had such a successful garden this year we thought we would do a little prep for next years garden. John Boulter came up today to help us (THANK YOU, JOHN). We first had to take out a stump that was the root of an overbearing bush in the corner of the garden. Between Tristan, John and the Ax, the stump was removed in short order. After that it was matter of tiling the whole garden (once again, THANK YOU, JOHN) not just the half we used this year. It is amazing how quickly it happens with a tiling machine.

The area underneath the bedroom window was tiled. There is a lot of sunshine here year round so we planted tulip (my favorite) and daffodil bulbs here. I can't wait until next March/April for them to come up!

We are already planning our garden layout for next year. I think we will start earlier!

Tootsie Pops

It has been a long time since I have had a tootsie pop but at halloween my nephew, Isaiah, dicarded several into a basket for any one to have. Basically it was candy he did not like...at a closer look it was candy that did not have any chocolate. Tootsie Pops bring back so many memories! I took most of the pops in the basket and been slowly enjoying them since. I have no idea how many licks it takes to get to the center becasue I tend to bite them after a few licks. I am glad Isaiah was generous enough to share his Tootsie pops with me!

Happy Birthday Mom - Nov. 7th

SURPRISE! I think we pulled things off very well. As usual mom would not tell anybody what she wanted for her birthday, and she is not very easy to buy for. The night before her birthday Kerry was trying to get the birthday information out of her one more time. Mom told Kerry she could rake up all the leaves in the yard, pick up the apples (if there were any) and then fertilize the lawn. Kerry did not think that answer was very funny as it involved manual labor. I, on the other hand, knew mom really wanted those things done. Mom would be out of the house from 9am until 1pm so there was time to do it without her knowing or helping! The text message was sent to the siblings and the plan was set.

Tristan, Aaron, Daniel, Caley and I spent a few hours raking/blowing the leaves, picking up a few apples (the two trees did not produce many apples this year), putting up new numbers and a new mailbox on the house. We also got balloons and decorated the front room. It felt great to be doing all of this for Mom.

That evening everyone gathered at Mom's for pizza and to make rainbow cake. David and his family even came up from Las Vegas for the weekend.