Seeing Red...Finally

The tomatoes are finally turning RED!!! Well one cherry tomato is getting a little red but I will take anything we can get. We have a ton of green tomatoes on our 4 plants which include cherry, pear and a couple of early girls (which have not been so early). The zucchini plant has already produced about 10 large zucchini (I am ready to make zucchini bread). The squash plant is also producing some great crookneck. We have a couple of winter squash plant that are trying to take of the entire garden and they are now growing up the fence. Then there are the watermelon and cantaloupe plants are are starting to look promising...we may have the fruit in September. Once again it has been fun and therapeutic to spend time in the garden. Who ever would have thought that pulling weeds could be fun!

Cowboys VS. Steelers

It is flag football season again for Isaiah and he is playing for the Cowboys. The competitions this year is a little tougher, the kids are a little bigger, they are itchin to tackle (that will happen next year), a score is kept this year and everyone seems to all be having a lot of fun. It is fun to watch Isaiah play and improve each week. He plays tough and is a good sport even when the score is not in their favor. Here are some pics I took this week.


Nieces and Nephews

For Father's Day 2009, I decided to that for my brother's gift I would take pictures of their children without them knowing and give them a picture(s). I had a ton of fun running around with the kids taking pictures on their terms. Next time I should try candy...I hear it works well with kids (but then I would have to deal with drool). I still need to take pictures of David's 5 girls while there are in SLC and I will post them in a couple of weeks.
Here are of shots:
Zachary (age 1) - son of Aaron and Jaime
Caden (7 months) - son of Daniel and Becky

Caley (age 1) - daughter of Daniel & Becky

Casey (age 8) - daughter of Becky & Daniel

Asa (17 months old)- son of Matthew and Cassandra

Isaiah (age 7) - son of Kerry & Quentin


Swenson Family Camping Trip 2009

We spent another 4th of July at the Spruces Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was fun to spend time with family!

At the end of the trip there was a stubborn tent stake that nobody could get out. It was decided to dedicate the it to Dad and leave it in the ground.

It was a great trip!!!