Tigridia Flower

We planted a new bulb this spring that neither of us had heard about. The Tigridia flower is a very beautiful flower and we have them in red and yellow combinations.

The picture on the bag they came in showed over a dozen flowers in bloom at the same time. This has not happen for us. We get one or two in bloom at the same time (out of the 50 + bulbs we planted). I love flower but I have to enjoy each one quickly because they will bloom in the morning and shrivel up by the evening. I was extremely surprised they did not last for more than a day but I will take the beauty they bring to our yard for any amount of time they want to come out.

Mason = Energizer Bunny

Over the last month Mason went from his army crawl to crawling using his knees and now to make him even faster he does a gorilla crawl using his feet an hands. He loves to be chased although he does not make it very far because he starts laughing too hard. He has taken to the stairs in our house. With a lot of practice and after many falls he has mastered the two stairs on the main floor (one down from the kitchen and one up to the office).  He crawls to the stair, sits up and then slides forward until his feet touch the ground. See for yourself:

Mason has also taking to crawling up stairs. He is pretty good although someone needs to be with him since he turns and tries to go down hands first! He is in his own land of discovery as was evident the other day when I spent a half hour following and taking pictures. Now, if only I could take as many naps as he does!

In the bottom left corner you can see he has taken to pulling the books off the shelf. I have found if I leave them on the floor he just leaves them alone. I also did not get a picture of him emptying the DVDs from shelves.  He loves to be outside and now that he is so mobile I can't leave him alone on the blanket because he starts to wander. The other day I was watering and he wanted to help me...we both got a little wet!

As you can see most of the pictures above are without his helmet. We are down to just naptime and nighttime!  Hopefully after the 20th we will be finished with the helmet.