My Power Bird

Thanks to my friend, Echo, I found my power bird...what is yours?
Your Power Bird is a Cardinal
You believe that each day is precious, and you spend your times as best as you can.
You see the wonder in small things, and you are often content with what you have.
You live an interesting, colorful life - and you bring color to those around you.
Confident and expressive, you believe you know how to live a good life. You're living it!



The oddest thing happened the other night...Tristan and I were driving down 5th East and were stopping at 21st south, when all of a sudden an APPLE rolled down the front windshield. Yes, you read that correctly an APPLE. There was not thud...it did not splatter...no one was around that could have thrown it at us. Tristan asked "Did you forget your apple on top of the car?" (I ate my apple for lunch). We had already driven 2 miles from our home, made several turns and stops. The apple settled by the windshield wippers and hung out until we got to were we were going. It happened to be a Braeburn apple...not the kind that we even buy. It was a strange experience.

I tell you the sky is raining apples!

Walking with Dinos

Up close and personnal with the dinos...well we weren't so close but it was amazing! Tristan and I went to the BBC presentation of Walking with Dinosaurs on Saturday. We were taken back millions of years to the beginning of the Dinosaur. In all, we learned about 15 Dinos (could have been more) that spanned those millions of years of time. Small and Large...and then even larger and stronger.

We took a few video clips of the show (no flash photography allowed) and have uploaded a couple (2 of 10).


Out with the Old IN WITH THE NEW

The year in review Top 10 greatest things that have happened to me this year.

1) Finally got married. That has got to be a relief to my parents. I love you mom and dad but you had to be secretly wondering if I would ever take that step.

2) Moved out of college level apartments. Let me tell you, once you see the bright side of life instead of the cheap college life apartments, there is such a big sigh of relief.

3) I can actually say the words Love You or I Love You to someone other then my parents or wife. Strangely enough that has been a stumbling block for me.

4) We bought a new car. That was an exciting moment not only in our relationship but being able to financially make that commitment. Buying furniture was a close second to this one but I thought the car was far nicer of a purchase. Although the couch we bought has a nice comfy feel to it.

5) I finally moved out of Provo. Goodbye Happy Valley Hello real life. For those that have spent time in the Happy Valley area, you all know what I mean.

6) I got called to be a Sunday School teacher in church. Can you imagine that? Me, a teacher? That still is a shocker to me every time I get up to teach.

Okay so I only got to 6, I have more thoughts in my head but I need to organize them better. You really shouldn't be writing a blog entry after finishing a night of ward basketball. I think my head is still ringing for that last hit I took.

This year has brought with it some very sad moments as we have been forced to say farewell to some dearly loved ones that have moved on. There is not a day that goes by that your presence and love is not through of and felt. To our fallen loved ones, a moment of silent prayer to express our love to each of you. Though you are not here, your touch and thoughts live on through each of us. They have enriched the lives of all of us with their time that they have spent with us. Raising the bar and the standard on how you should live your life or pattern your life after. Time will ease the pain we feel in each of us, the sadness that we feel will also ease over time as we remember the moments that brought so much laughter and warmth on so many occasions. Through your eyes we were all great in our own ways, often providing a sounding board for advice and a fountain of knowledge waiting to be shared. Knowing when a kind encouraging word or a smack upside the back of our head to knock some sense in to us would make the biggest difference.

This year has brought with it growth in family and in friends. New additions to bolster the laughter and joy that can only be found in the innocence of a child. Learning to become men or women as we are looked to for leadership and understanding. Stepping forward to assume the mantle of being a husband or a wife. I can honestly say with true understanding that I have finally started to become the man that I wanted to be and needed to be. Though far from a finished product, I could never ask for anything more then what has been given to me. The love of my wife, my health and the chance to write my story with our choices over the next decades to come.

Thank you wonderful friends and family for sharing the road with myself over the last year, it has been one filled with unexpected turns and twists. There have been moments where I wish truly wish that I could make time stand still. To each of you that reads this, remember just one thing. Live life. Be passionate about life. Go after it, chase your dreams, be fearless, be free. There is a saying from a movie that I will quote, my DiNozzo moment, Live free, Die well. If you know what movie that is from, all I can say is, what a waste of two hours. Haha.

The Holiday Season

This holiday season has brought with it many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The first time I actually had a christmas tree and gone about decorating it. The first Christmas as a married person (that itself I got to tell you is beyond measure). Listening to christmas carols had a new meaning for me. I know that for those of you that have read this until this point are thinking ah, that is so cute. For me, the holiday season is still a very new thing for me to experience. I come from a checkered past and a broken home. The holiday did not have meaning for me until the last 10 years or so.

There is an art of finding a gift that has meaning for someone. It really does not have to be something that breaks your budget or bowls you over with its new shine. There are the gifts that truly have a deeper then casual meaning to the one receiving as well as to the one giving. It is trying to capture the essence of the season in something so small.

I will use an example of one such gift that my wife and I were truly lucky to receive. My apologies if this embrasses anyone, Becky Castleton and Liz Thackeray (I truly hope I spelt that right!), you know who I am referring to. Over the years I have blessed with having such a wonderful array of friends that have shared my moments of good and bad. They have been steadfast and understanding. For this I am truly grateful to have. There is a saying that you can not choose the family you are born into but you can choose to surround yourself with the family that means the most to you. We, Kristy and I received a gift of not only a wonderfully decorated (done by the hand of the mentioned two friends before) christmas plate but we also received this little balls ornaments that were quite tasteful in their selection. Our christmas tree decorations were more then ample to suit our purposes but these few ornaments made the tree look absolutely wonderful. The perfect amount of color and decor. I have never had the chance to decorate a tree before this holiday season. This is an art form that I will have to learn over the years. There is such a delicate balance between tastefully done to over bearing.

Thank you, each of you that have given us gifts over this holiday season. We truly have been blessed to receive them and appericate the time and effort that was taken from each of them. To our family and friends, we love you very much. Happy Holidays to each of you.