Tigridia Flower

We planted a new bulb this spring that neither of us had heard about. The Tigridia flower is a very beautiful flower and we have them in red and yellow combinations.

The picture on the bag they came in showed over a dozen flowers in bloom at the same time. This has not happen for us. We get one or two in bloom at the same time (out of the 50 + bulbs we planted). I love flower but I have to enjoy each one quickly because they will bloom in the morning and shrivel up by the evening. I was extremely surprised they did not last for more than a day but I will take the beauty they bring to our yard for any amount of time they want to come out.

Mason = Energizer Bunny

Over the last month Mason went from his army crawl to crawling using his knees and now to make him even faster he does a gorilla crawl using his feet an hands. He loves to be chased although he does not make it very far because he starts laughing too hard. He has taken to the stairs in our house. With a lot of practice and after many falls he has mastered the two stairs on the main floor (one down from the kitchen and one up to the office).  He crawls to the stair, sits up and then slides forward until his feet touch the ground. See for yourself:

Mason has also taking to crawling up stairs. He is pretty good although someone needs to be with him since he turns and tries to go down hands first! He is in his own land of discovery as was evident the other day when I spent a half hour following and taking pictures. Now, if only I could take as many naps as he does!

In the bottom left corner you can see he has taken to pulling the books off the shelf. I have found if I leave them on the floor he just leaves them alone. I also did not get a picture of him emptying the DVDs from shelves.  He loves to be outside and now that he is so mobile I can't leave him alone on the blanket because he starts to wander. The other day I was watering and he wanted to help me...we both got a little wet!

As you can see most of the pictures above are without his helmet. We are down to just naptime and nighttime!  Hopefully after the 20th we will be finished with the helmet.



We were surprised last night to find a hummingbird in our kitchen.  I was in the living room reading when I heard a strange sound coming from the kitchen.  I went to investigate and found a hummingbird trying to get out through the kitchen bay window. The bird kept running right into the glass. I called Tristan for assistance and also grabbed the camera (it is not often that we get a bird in the house).  We worked together to pull up the shades, remove the screens and open the two side windows.  We could tell the hummingbird was getting tired and frustrated when it started landing on the window seal momentarily and then would start to fly into the window again.  Tristan used the screen to carefully guide the bird out the open window were it flew away very quickly.

 That was an adventure.


8 Months & Super Active

Mason has become a little escape artist.  He does this great army crawl...pulling with this arms and pushing with his toes. He is amazingly fast when after something he wants (basically anything that belongs to the dogs or one of the dogs). He also loves to be outside and will crawl out the back door (which we leave open most of the day for the dogs) onto the ramp.

The other day he crawled outside and I watched him take the dogs stuffed turtle out of their toys (as if he did not have enough toys).  He played with it for a minute and then rolled over an dropped it off the edge of the ramp. He then looked at me, looked at the turtle and the next thing I knew he was going over the edge (1 foot drop). He cried for a few seconds and then realized all was well. The dogs also made sure he was okay.

We also took the opportunity to take 8 month photos. He is such a little ham!


Hawaii - Swenson Family Reunion 2012

We just returned from an amazing family vacation on the island of Oahu. I can hardly believe we were able to go to Hawaii again but this time we got to share it with 20 members of the family. We wish Aaron, Zachary, Daniel, Becky, Casey, Caley & Caden could have come to join the festivities. It was a week full of adventure, discovery and even relaxation.

After long flights for everyone, we were greeted by David and his family at the Honolulu Airport with a Lei for each of us. It was a wonderful way to be welcomed to Hawaii.  After collecting luggage and renting the cars we were off to the Marriott Ko'Olina Resort! By the time we checked in and found our rooms it was late which meant it was really late (or really early) for those who came from Florida. A great start to our wonderful adventure. I am not going to attempt to put everything in chronological order but rather share a collage of pictures of the things we did.

Visiting Pearl Harbor - USS Arizona: 
 USS Utah & USS Oklahoma Memorials on Ford Island

Mason's first time in the ocean at the Marriott Ko OlinaResort Lagoon:
Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay:
Andreas pulled a coconut off a tree and proceeded to open it for us all to enjoy.
Did you ever watch "Lost" (specifically the 6th episode in the 2nd season)?Yes! Then you have seen the spitting cave.

Playing in the Banyan Trees:
The Waikiki Aquarium was small but full of amazing fish.
The Dole Plantation is where we found a wide variety of pineapples along with delicious pineapple ice cream. Did you know it takes about 18 months for 1 pineapple to grow?
Finding the Sea Turtles:

We had a great time at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Here are a few pics from the parade of countries, done on the river.

We spent time at the Pool or Beach every day!

Mason woke up very early every morning so we (usually Tritan) saw the sunrise.


But unfortunately we were putting him down during the sunset so we have relied on family pictures for this beautiful event.

Now we just need to decide were to go in 2014!?!?!
Tahoe...Orlando...Hilton Head just to make some suggestions.


Mason's new look

Mason has joined the Pee Wee football league or possibly baseball...then again he might just be getting ready for skiing and snowboarding.

When he was four months old we noticed his head was flatter in the back on one side. The Dr. gave us some repositioning techniques to try and round out his head but it did not work. The helmet will force his head to grow in all the right places. After one week we can already see a difference!  He now wears it 23 hours a day (it comes off every night in order to wash his hair). Overall he is doing great with the helmet and only complains when we need to put it back on him although now he cries but holds his head still. He will wear the helmet for 3-6 months (we ar hoping for 3).

We still go on walks...

Have play time...

the next picture would have been water spilling on the floor and all over Mason but I got there in time!

He sleeps with his helmet on...

The best comments come from kids..."Look the baby has a helmet. Can I have one like that to ride my bike."


Growing, Growing, Growing...6 months old

I know I completely skipped all of Mason's 5 month pictures. He went on his first plane ride and all sorts of things...it has just been busy.  Since he is now 6 months old I thought I would start fresh with the most recent super cute pictures!

At 6 months:
28 inches
18.5 pounds
Loves to jump when you hold him (but not in in the doorway jumper)
Is learning to eat solid food (not just the pureed baby food)
Can sit on his own (although pillows are nice for crash landings)
Loves to eat toes, fingers and anything else that can fit in his mouth.
Has a lot of ticklish spots
Still loves to cuddle


4 month photos...a few weeks late

Time is flying by so fast.  My life is whirlwind everyday now that I am back to work full time (working at home is harder than I thought it was going to be!). I swear that Mason grows a little everyday. At his 4 month visit with the Dr he was 26 inches and 15 1/2 pounds...just right!  I will admit that some days are just hard and others are super hard but then I have a day makes everyday worth it. Seeing this smiling face all the time is worth it.

Just next week he will be 5 months old!


3 Months & Loving every Minute

Our little Mason gets bigger every day! His favorite positions are sitting up or standing on my lap. If he is tired then it is okay to lay him down. He makes our life crazy (working and school play a bigger role in the craziness) and wonderful at the same time.

Holiday Photos

Shortly after Christmas I went to put the Holiday photos on the blog and then the unthinkable happened...the computer crashed!  I was about in tears knowing that the last time backed up the computer was during the summer. After several unsuccessful attempts to recover the hard drive we decided we needed the Geek Squad (aka Best Buy Tech Support). We took it to them and they removed the hard drive and found out it could be recovered.  After putting the hard drive back in, Tristan tried turning it on one more time and it worked.  We quickly backed up all the files before we lost everything for good. We finally have the computer working again so here are the Christmas photos.

Holiday Party -
The primary kids sang a few songs at the church Christmas Party.  They asked if Mason could play Baby Jesus. Mason also met Santa for the first time (picture previously posted).

Lights -
We went to Hogle Zoo and saw "Zoo Lights" with Kerry & Isaiah on a freezing cold night. 
On Christmas Eve we went and saw the lights at Temple Square with my sister Kelly.
The funny thing about both outings is that Mason slept 90% of the time!

Christmas Morning-
Mason decided that 5am was the perfect time to wake up.  I thought it would be best to let Tristan sleep for a while longer so I took some Christmas photos of Mason.

Shortly after the little photo shoot Mason went back to sleep! We opened presents when we all woke up around 8am. Tristan opened presents while I held Mason.  Mason received more presents than either of us but that is the way it should be. Timber and Riley loved their present. In fact Timber wanted all the presents.

Family Celebration -
We spent the Sunday before Christmas with Tristan's family and then spent Christmas day with my family.  We had a wonderful time with both families. In the end, Mason was completely worn out.