Visiting Amy & Brooks

My friends, Amy & Brooks Snow, live in Roosevelt, UT and I went to visit them (Amy and I were roommates in Boston for 3 years). It has been over a year since I last went out to their house so Janna and I were going to head out. In a turn of events it ended up just being me, which was fine. I had seen Amy and Brooks a couple times since I last visited but it was always quick moments in time where we did not get to talk. This was our chance to catch up on just about everything! I need to go back more often. They are great people!

Baby Shower for Amy...
Amy had a baby shower the weekend after I went to visit. She is expecting a girl (to be named Claire). I asked her if she has any boy names picked up as a backup...they don't. I told her the story and about my nephew Asa. Until Asa was born everyone thought he was going to be a girl and his name was going to be Asa. That all quickly changed when he arrived.
Amy, just have it as a backup...just in case.

Over the Hedge...

Tristan and I were driving home the other night when...I know many things happen to us when we drive...we were stopped by a raccoon. That's right a raccoon, in the middle of the road, just down the street from our house! It moved out the street and walked toward the yard of the closest house...It could have been looking for its apple. We thought for a moment that we should look around for a turtle, opossum, chipmunk, skunk and a bear. We drove home instead.