San Francisco 2011

Tristan's company wanted him to come to San Francisco to work from the office for the week.  He was going to be training people on the ins and outs of his job.  I got permission from my company to also work from San Francisco for the week.  How convenient for us!!  I would visit several of the rehab units in the downtown area.  The best reason for both of us to be in CA for the week was to visit our new nephew, Jakob Claron Manfred Mueller, who was born on June 10th.

He is an adorable baby and he slept most of the time we were at the house. It was great to visit with Kim and Andreas in CA before they move to Texas later this year.
On Wednesday night we went to the San Francisco Giants game (Tristan's company had a game night).  They played the Minnesota Twins. It was a super cold night at the game so we left half way through...but the Giants were ahead.
I found a wonderful Bakery that we went to several times during the week.
Here is the winning sign of the week.  I took this shot with my phone while visiting one to the facilities.  The sign was taken down shortly after and a new sign was put up (grammar corrected).


Back to School

Tristan is headed back to school in the Fall!

We (Kristy, Timber, Riley & Baby) are so excited for him!


Grand Teton/Yellowstone Adventure

When I was young my family went to Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks each September and stayed at Colter Bay.  We meet up with the Reading family each year for some fun and adventure.  I don't remember when we actually stopped going but I will always have a great memories from those family trips.

We planned the this trip to coincide with a family shindig in Pinedale, WY but when that was cancelled we decided to keep our reservations and enjoy more time in the parks.  This was Tristan's FIRST TIME!!  It was fun to watch him as we explored.  We also decided to invite my sister Kerry and her son Isaiah.  It was also Isaiah's first time.  Kerry can't remember ever coming up with the family which may be true since we could have stopped coming yearly before she was born. My brother Aaron was also up for the weekend with Meredith.  What great timing!

This was a whirlwind trip and we did not have a lot of time to spend in any one place. We were able to hit most of the highlights of both parks in three days but I could have spent all that time at Grand Teton and another three in Yellowstone.

The weather this June has been a little crazy!  We had a mix of it all...sun, rain, snow, warm, cold & very windy.

The hightlights of the trip are pictured here!

Sightings included...Grizzly Bear & Cub, Moose, Bluejay, Elk & Calf, Bison & Calf, Yellow-Bellied Marmot, Canada Geese, Beaver, Uintah Ground Squirel, Cutthroat Trout, Mountain Bluebird...

Kristy & Tristan Moore, Kerry & Isaiah McNeil, Aaron Swenson & Meredith

Jenny Lake (ferry ride across the lake for a hike), Hidden Falls (.5 mile hike with snow), Signal Mountain, Oxbow Bend (wildlife & great view of Mt. Moran), Colter Bay, Jackson Lake (beaver sighting), Yellowstone & Lewis Lakes (mostly frozen), Old Faithful (& the inn), Middle Geyser Basin (Grand Prismatic Geyser), Firehole Falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (Upper & Lower Falls), Fishing Bridge, Lewis Falls, Jackson Hole...

We will be coming back again and again!!