Snake...are you serious?!?!

Late Friday night Tristan got a phone call from my sister saying they found a snake at my moms home. Did I hear that correctly?  A snake? Inside the house?  It was all true. We don't know where it came from, how long it has been in the house or how it even got into the house.  It was a small snake, but one snake is one too many.  Kerry was able to catch it in a clear plastic container then tape some cardstock over the top. They also put holes in they top to the snake could get some air.  Kerry and Isaiah were able to take it to a local pet shop.
Seriously...a snake!


Zoorassic Park

It has been a very long time since I have been to Hogle Zoo in the summer (a few years ago Tristan and I took Isaiah and Casey to Zoo Lights on a snowy December night).  This is NOT the same zoo that I came to when I was younger.  The cages of old are mostly gone and the new enclosures look more natural (as natural as a zoo enclosure can be).  Matthew and Asa are visiting for a week from Florida so a bunch of us went to the zoo to spend some time together (Kerry, Isaiah, Matthew, Asa, Caley, Tristan and myself). It was fun to be with everyone in such a great place!

Zoorasic Park is the theme for the summer.  There are dinosaurs found all through the zoo. Many of them move, squirt water and roar.  Caley and Asa took a little time to warm up to the idea of dinosaurs.  They would go right up to any of them that did not move or make sounds but the others took a little coaxing.

This was Caley first time visiting a Zoo.  It was great to see her excitement as new animals came into view.  When we came around the bend and she could see the Giraffe she was so excited that we started running toward it.  She said later that this was her favorite animal.

Asa was excited to go on the Merry-Go-Round before we ever saw it.  Caley on the other hand was very nervous since she had never been on one before. In the end they both had a great time!

Actually, we all had a great time!



The break room at work was filled with wonderfully tempting pastries this morning.  I went to fill my water bottle and grab the smoothie that Tristan made for me this morning when I encountered this lovely sight.  The yummies were for a meeting that had not started yet.  Oh, how I wanted to take one of each item and devour them (based on sight & smell of course).  To the defense of the meeting planner the tray of fruit and juice drinks did not make it into this picture. I noticed a sign at the back of this photo, as I was posting the picture, that made me laugh..."Eat Right."!  .

Thankfully during this pregnancy I have not had many cravings and Tristan has never had to do a late night run for something that I just had to have.  In the first trimester I enjoyed eating peaches and cottage cheese (and I still do) but if chicken was suggested then I would want to gag.  There were a couple dashes for a delicious brownie sundae from Hatches Chocolates but thankfully I got over that.  I have since moved on to Dreyers Fruit Bars. They just hit the spot in this warm weather and there are so many varieties.  Our garden is producing lots of zucchini and squash (and soon tomatoes) this year but unfortunately I don't find them as appetizing as I have in years past.  Maybe the zucchini bread will change my mind!  On the other hand, all the amazing fruits that are available now are just divine.

I just have to say that Tristan is so awesome!  He makes dinner on most nights for us, then again he has always made dinner most of the time.  It is even better now because if he didn't then I think that I would just eat cereal in the evening (in addition to the bowl I have every morning).  The current favorites are Honey Nut Cheerios, Grape Nuts (with a banana), Wheat Chex & Special K.  The selection varies depending upon what is on sale and I only indulge in Lucky Charms/Coco Puffs/Captain Crunch on an irregular basis.  Like I said, I am so glad that Tristan is willing to cook!


Riley's Haircut

We brush him often and even give him a bath once a month but over the past month Riley's fur was becoming matted in areas and full of burrs from our walks in Memory Grove.

We decided that he just needed a little bit taken off. :)



He still has a busy tail which adds to the new super short hair look. My nephew said that Riley now looks like a Chihuahua.  I completely disagree!!! He is still our little Riley.

Timber and Riley worn out after playing tag in the yard.


Spruces Camping Trip 2011

July 1-4, 2011
The Spruces campground (Big Cottonwood Canyon) has been the site of the Swenson Family Camping Trip for many years now. Our best site...definitely number 31 (although I did see a few other I may want to try in the future).  There are so many great things about site!  The trees are arranged perfectly in case we need to put up a tarp for sun/rain cover or we can move the camp chairs under the pines for afternoon shade.  We are able to fit 4 tents in the area (2 and 4 person tents). There is a small stream that runs right through the site and the older kids have a great time crossing on the logs. There is a larger river about 40 yards away where we could fish if we wanted (this year it was running very high). There is a cool breeze that flows through camp on a regular basis.

This year was our longest trip that I can remember thanks to the fact that the 4th was on a Monday. We also had a great turnout of family members.  Everyone that is living in Utah made up this year although most did not stay overnight.  We also were excited to have Jennifer and McKaella with us while they are visiting Utah(they currently live in Hawaii).

We went on a couple great hikes that we had not been on before.  The first was up to Donut Falls (Hikers: Kelly, Jennifer, McKaella, Tristan & Kristy).  We started at the spruces campground instead of driving down the road to the trail head.  It was a great hike and thanks to the late runoff this year the falls where gushing water. 

The second hike was to Solitude Lake (Hikers: Kelly, Aaron, Zachary, Kerry Isaiah, Jennifer, McKaella, Casey & Kristy). On the way up we stopped for a break and this series of photos was taken.  Zachary was ready for his photo shoot!
We had to navigate around many fallen trees and long stretches of snow but the view at the end was wonderful.

Jennifer, Casey & Isaiah spent a lot of time playing on the logs/in the stream by the campsite.  I am not sure whether Jennifer was helping Isaiah get on the log or if she pushed him into the water. I will let you be the judge. :)
Everyone pitched in to keep track on the young kids, cook food, set up tents & cut firewood. I believe we all had a great time!
On Sunday afternoon Caley, Caden and Zachary had a great time playing together at camp.  At the end of the evening they all put on capes (dish towels) and found their wands (sticks).  It was great to watch them running around while producing there own types of spells. Luckily no damage was done!