3 Months & Loving every Minute

Our little Mason gets bigger every day! His favorite positions are sitting up or standing on my lap. If he is tired then it is okay to lay him down. He makes our life crazy (working and school play a bigger role in the craziness) and wonderful at the same time.

Holiday Photos

Shortly after Christmas I went to put the Holiday photos on the blog and then the unthinkable happened...the computer crashed!  I was about in tears knowing that the last time backed up the computer was during the summer. After several unsuccessful attempts to recover the hard drive we decided we needed the Geek Squad (aka Best Buy Tech Support). We took it to them and they removed the hard drive and found out it could be recovered.  After putting the hard drive back in, Tristan tried turning it on one more time and it worked.  We quickly backed up all the files before we lost everything for good. We finally have the computer working again so here are the Christmas photos.

Holiday Party -
The primary kids sang a few songs at the church Christmas Party.  They asked if Mason could play Baby Jesus. Mason also met Santa for the first time (picture previously posted).

Lights -
We went to Hogle Zoo and saw "Zoo Lights" with Kerry & Isaiah on a freezing cold night. 
On Christmas Eve we went and saw the lights at Temple Square with my sister Kelly.
The funny thing about both outings is that Mason slept 90% of the time!

Christmas Morning-
Mason decided that 5am was the perfect time to wake up.  I thought it would be best to let Tristan sleep for a while longer so I took some Christmas photos of Mason.

Shortly after the little photo shoot Mason went back to sleep! We opened presents when we all woke up around 8am. Tristan opened presents while I held Mason.  Mason received more presents than either of us but that is the way it should be. Timber and Riley loved their present. In fact Timber wanted all the presents.

Family Celebration -
We spent the Sunday before Christmas with Tristan's family and then spent Christmas day with my family.  We had a wonderful time with both families. In the end, Mason was completely worn out.