8 Months & Super Active

Mason has become a little escape artist.  He does this great army crawl...pulling with this arms and pushing with his toes. He is amazingly fast when after something he wants (basically anything that belongs to the dogs or one of the dogs). He also loves to be outside and will crawl out the back door (which we leave open most of the day for the dogs) onto the ramp.

The other day he crawled outside and I watched him take the dogs stuffed turtle out of their toys (as if he did not have enough toys).  He played with it for a minute and then rolled over an dropped it off the edge of the ramp. He then looked at me, looked at the turtle and the next thing I knew he was going over the edge (1 foot drop). He cried for a few seconds and then realized all was well. The dogs also made sure he was okay.

We also took the opportunity to take 8 month photos. He is such a little ham!